AGIC C-Fuse Technology

A process whereby the random thermally-activated movement of atoms in a solid results in the net transport of atoms.

AGIC Particle Momentum

A progress to control atom movement in semiconductor by controlling electron momentum.

AGIC Particle Momentum Key Factors:

√ Heating: Lattice Vibration
√ Vacancy Qty
√ Electric Field
√ Lattice Strain

√ High-Temp Immunity (>650°C~1000°C).
√ No additional masks, steps, or special device requested.
√ Portable across all process nodes and geometry, including CMOS Logic, BCD, eHV, DRAM, III-V, etc.
√ Geometry from 350 nm to 5 nm and beyond.
√ Fulfill Automotive Grade 0 and aerospace requirement.
√ Quantum bit (Qubit) achievable.*
√ The smallest OTP in the world.**
     *Qubit: 00/01/10/11
     **n-bit/Cell (n=2,3,4…)