About AGIC

AGI Corporation (AGIC)  is founded by the teams from TSMC, UMC, Synopsis, Cadence, and some other partners who are either Electrical Engineering background or Computer Science background and work in Semiconductors and High-Tech companies for more than ten to thirty years. Before the company is built, we sent more than two years in the marketing research, technology implementation and product development. So we own the state-of-art technologies, especially for AGIM (Artificial General Intelligence Memory) products and AGITS (Artificial General Intelligence Total Solution) development. 

AGIC is an Artificial General Intelligence Total Solution provider, our products include AI (Artificial Intelligence) Memory and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) Memory whose contents cover all AGI, AI, IoT (Internet of things), Industrial, Car, Robot, space vehicle computer, communication, consumer, medical, and etc. applications.