The Future of Cars and ADAS

The Future of the Cars and ADAS

Feb. 14, 2019  AGI Corporation Blog - Alpheratz Andromeda, AGIC IP Total Solution 

ADAS is one of the largest growing areas within automotive electronics. Now is probably the most important time for automotive electronics design.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) becomes standard equipment on most cars for years, which was used to be an option. New technologies bring new experiences to users. Such as emergency braking assist (EBA) together with forward-collision warning (FCW) system, lane departure warning (LDW) system, and lane keeping assist (LKAS) with sensors that help drivers with lane changing, blind-spot detectors, looking forward and watching the lane lines, creating a much safer and more comfortable driving environment.

According to Grand View Research Inc., the global automotive chip market size is expected to reach USD 56.24 billion by 2025, which CAGR from 2018 to 2025 is forecasted as 10.7%. The raising demand for automotive chips is mainly from 6 areas: driving scenario systems simulation, software and algorithm development, functional safety analysis, sensor simulation, electronics and hardware simulation and semiconductor simulation.

Small is the New Big!

To keep state-of-the-art and differentiation, the entire automotive supply chain put most of the energy to create various ADAS applications to hit the booming market. Thus, several to dozens of Sensors, Power Managements, and Memory are required for the tremendous applications. Each sensor or Power Manager requires Memory, such as eFuse/OTP/NVM, especially for developing AMS solutions (Power Management + MCU or Sensor + MCU). Hence, eFuse/OTP/NVM plays an unwavering role in automotive IC market.

For semiconductor manufacturers and IC designers, it is important to improve devices for higher reliability in-vehicle Sensors, Power Management, and Memory, which are estimated to contribute the most shipment of automotive chips. For example, in China, the annual requirements for embedded eFuse/OTP/NVM and Memory devices (IC/Module) reach up to 448 million.

How to Flip the world?

Besides keep adding more sensors and cameras to glitter the field of autonomous vehicles, the two fundamental factors for automotive supply chain are: Safety and Security. AGIC is ready to introduce a new technology using artificial intelligence revolution to ultimately accomplish high reliability and hand-in high yield solution by “TRUE” physics phenomenon.

Since the hardware has no significant progressed for decades, the next game-changing innovation comes to the revolution of hardware. Inherent megatrend architecture shall be designed from the new “mathematical model” and “basic science.” Let us elaborate more in the next article.